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Fetish Mistress BDSM London Escorts

BDSM London Escorts

We can offer a guide on the humiliation tricks London Escorts Fetish Mistress use and help you keep your guard:


1.    Let her humiliate whip and spit on you – Let her humiliate whip and spit on you. Check VIDEO HERE HOW OUR MISTRESS RITA HUMILIATES AND SPIT
2.    Ass Worship – Bend down and show your bare ass towards the webcam and make your man demonstrate the way he would worship your ass. Make him plant a kiss on each cheek of your ass, wriggle them and then make him slap it a little bit. 

36D Pimlico SW1 In £250 / Out £300
32B Earls Court SW5 In £350 / Out £400
34D Angel EC1 In £250 / Out £300
34C Bayswater W2 In £200 / Out £250
36DD Holland Park W11 In £300 / Out £350
34D Soho W1 In £350 / Out £400
34B Earls Court SW5 In £300 / Out £350
34C Baker Street W1 In £350 / Out £400
34B Gloucester Road SW5 In £250 / Out £300
36DD Earls Court SW5 In £300 / Out £350
34D Queensway W2 In £300 / Out £350
32A Bayswater W2 In £300 / Out £350
34B Marylebone NW1 In £250 / Out £300
34C Angel EC1 In £250 / Out £300
34C Green Park W1 In £250 / Out £300
34C Paddington W2 In £150 / Out £200
32B Baker Street W1 In £300 / Out £350
34C Edgware Road W2 In £200 / Out £250
34C Outcalls Only In - / Out ££300
32C Bayswater W2 In £200 / Out £250
34DD South Kensington SW5 In £250 / Out £300
34D South Kensington SW5 In £300 / Out £350
34B South Kensington SW7 In £300 / Out £350
30B Notting Hill Gate W2 In £250 / Out £300
34B Earls Court SW5 In £250 / Out £300
34D Paddington W2 In £250 / Out £300
36B Pimlico SW1 In £250 / Out £300
32A Marylebone W1 In £200 / Out £250

BDSM London Escorts

Fetish Mistress BDSM Humiliation Domination Techniques to make your London Escorts Slave Submissive

3.    Clothed Female Naked Man – This is also another type of humiliation, and here the woman is clothed, and the man is naked. A very popular fetish, naked man and dressed woman, makes the submissive man more subservient, and this is the best part about this fetish. Do not allow the man slave to cover his private parts with his hands, kerchief, etc.
4.    Small dick size – Ridicule the man how small his dick size is. Every man wants to have a big dick to pleasure a woman, as they know every woman likes a big dick. So be as brutal as you can and make him measure it against baby carrots to humiliate him further.
5.    Make him dress like a woman – Make him dress in a frill dress, panties, stockings, wig, suspenders, and put on full make-up. Further, make him pace to and fro and curtsey you. 
6.    Give him anal training – Make him insert cucumbers, dildos etc., into his ass. This will enable him to open the hole wide open for you. 
7.    Public humiliation – There are many ways to humiliate your slave publicly
Femdom humiliation ways you must try:
- Make him drive naked from the waist down
- Make your slave man go swimming in a bikini
- Make him dress like a woman and walk on the street
- Make him go to the supermarket with a sign on his back (what needs to be written on the sign, you can decide)
8. Chastity – Lock his cock in a plastic cage or something of that sort and sex-talk with him. He may plead with you to be allowed to cum in such a circumstance, but don’t let it happen. Sex talk to him and arose him, but don’t allow him to cum.
9. Make him a baby – Make him dress like a baby by making him wear a diaper and give him a pacifier in his mouth. This way, make him an adult baby and then let him pee and potty in his diaper like a baby. Do some baby talk with him and let him respond the same way.
10. Don’t let him talk – Don’t allow him to speak a word; neither will you talk to him. Give him a dog toy and make him squeak it once for yes and twice for no. There are a lot of erotic ideas in this one; if you want to check it out, check the videos on our website. Then there’s another way, wherein you’ll be shouting, but he can reply only in squeaks.
11. Denial of orgasm – Make him come to the edge, but don’t allow him to orgasm. And then he’ll plead, but you’ll not allow. If you can practice orgasm denial, you can enjoy other acts like cock milking, ruined orgasms, edge play, etc.
12. Collar him up – Collar him up with a pink leather collar and padlock it. Keep repeating the words, oh! How helpless he is and see how he reacts. This is a popular humiliation technique, which is famous.
13. Pimp him –  In this, you should ask him to submit an online profile with a slutty mouth to wow random strangers.
14. Cock and Ball Torture – Pinching, putting cloth pegs, slapping the cock and ball are very well-known webcam videos. Go for it and see the fun.
15. Boot Licking – Make him lick every inch of your thigh-high boots in this act. These kinky cams do all these taboo things, and that’s what makes it more desirable to do these things. For more ideas on degrading your online sissies, keep a watch on this page.
16, Write on his body – Making him use lipstick and write on his body that he’s a cum-slut, small cock fellow etc. is a lot of fun, out of the common. This is another humiliation technique.
17. Blackmailing – Take nude pictures of him and threaten to put it on the internet. See how he pleads and begs with you.
18. Financial Domination – This is where the lady makes her slave a cash cow or human atm, leaving him with only money to survive on basic food.
19. Singing – Making him sing rhymes like a kindergarten kid, especially with actions. I’m a tea-pot is a popular nursery rhyme used for this purpose.
20. Female clothing – Making him wear a blouse to the office and take pictures of his colleagues laughing at him. You can laugh to your heart’s content at this scene.
21. Tan him – Take a bra and make him wear it and sun-bathe him the whole day so that he’s humiliated the next time he goes to the gym because of the bra marks on his body.
22. Sloshing himself with food Fetish – Make him pour ice cream, pudding, custard all over his body and then lick it all up. 
23. BDSM Cutting off his sensory organs temporarily – Make him wear a blind-fold and then make him do things, he’ll be frustrated as he can’t see what you are doing, or you can make him wear ear-plugs and shout your way out, and he’ll be left wondering what you are saying.
24. Comparison with other men’s bodies – Show him pictures of tanned and hulk men with biceps and make him check out his flab. 
25. Forced BI Bisexual humiliation – Ensure to make him watch gay porn and give him the feeling of how much he wants to suck their cocks or vice-versa.
26. Soaping of the mouth – Make him hold a soap in his mouth and start talking; let him stay for 20 minutes. After this period, the soap will spread in his mouth and for added effect, rub the soap on his teeth and tongue.
27. Forced Food Eating – Pour the most disgusting combination of food in a dog bowl and make him eat from the floor. For additional humiliation, make him beg for more food and be thankful for the same after eating.
28. Eating food from his own private parts – Make him cream or mayonnaise all over his balls and ass and make him lick it. It’s quite humiliating; try this trick.
29. Drool repeatedly – Tell him to attach cloth pegs to his tongue and then force him to talk to you till the time he starts drooling and then make him talk once again when he starts drooling more. This is fun; try it.
30. Double domination – Let two dominatrix enter the chat room, give him commands, and laugh at him. You both should provide the humiliation slave opposite commands and confuse him so much, and when he makes mistakes sneer at him.
31. Instruct him to eat his cum – This is no easy task but makes him eat up his own cum by serving it on a plate. 
32. Masturbation Humiliation – Make him masturbate in front of you and when his cock goes soft, mock him and say what a sissy he is, someone who can’t keep his cock hard for long.
33. Butt Plug Licking – Make him lick the juice which comes out of his ass after the butt plug has been inserted for some time in his ass.
34. Make him stand in a corner and ignore – After spanking your slave, it’s sometimes nice to tease him by making him stand in a corner with his nose pressed against the wall or something. Don’t talk to him a word either and ignore him completely.
35. Butt Plug Insertion – Make him insert a butt plug in his ass the whole time and make him sit, and when he’s unable to sit, call him a jerk etc.
36. Escort girl Mistress Force him to ask to go to pee – Force him to take your permission to use the toilet, make him write and ask for permission; this is going to be very scintillating.
37. Washroom Cleaning – Make him clean the washroom with his toothbrush and tongue only.
38. Doggy act – Make him sit on 4 legs and ask him to make barking the whole time. Throw some dog toys here and there and make him run after them.
39. Instruct him to shave off his hair – Coax him to shave off his hair and tell him how stupid he looks without hair, brainless and ensure that he agrees with you.
40. Girlie underwear – Ensure that he burns all the male underwear and uses only female underwear. 
41. Peeing sitting down – Make him pee like a woman and don’t allow him to get up. This is very frustrating for a man to be made to pee like a woman.
42. Forced ejaculation – Even when he ejaculates, make him go on wanking till the time he pleads to be asked to stop.
43. Total silence - Total silence is very frustrating for a man when there is total silence. A sexy dominatrix in front of him is simply ignoring him by busying herself with other activities like filing her nails, putting on nail polish or something else.  
44. Spoiled orgasm – Arouse him and make him come to the point when he needs to cum, but don’t allow that to happen; instead, make him go back. 
45. Simply watching his woman – Don’t allow him to touch any of his private parts; instead, make him watch you and orgasm loudly.
46. Eating his frozen cum – Make him put his cum in an ice tray and freeze it, and the next time make him lick on it.
47. Orgasm through a dildo – Make him put a dildo in his ass, do not let him touch his cock; instead, he has to massage his prostrate to ejaculate.
48. Temporary Tattoos – Make your sissy male slave make a tattoo of your name on himself.
49. Blow job practice – Tell him to be ready with a big rubber dildo and make him suck it like his own dick and show it to you. Tell him how stupid he looks in this act, but you’ll make him a perfectionist at sucking cocks. 
50. Change name – Call him girlie names like Nicole and Patsy and make him write these names and practice signatures of these names.
51..    Foot Worship – Keep your feet close to the webcam and make the male slave show how he would kiss, lick and such the toes. If you want videos of the same, you can check out our website, where there are videos uploaded.


Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism Mistress

Our escorts know what they are doing; but if you want anything specific, you should let our BDSM escorts know.  There is nothing impossible with BDSM escorts of Admiral Escorts. They are here to do the impossible and the unfathomable and so;you should not be shy and let us or her know your hidden desires. Because, if you are not able to reveal your dark fantasies to us; we consider ourselves a failure. And we do not want that. Towards reaching this goal of being successful; we have invested our time and energy in scouting for the best BDSM escorts from all over the world. Hence, there’s no dearth of variety with us also; right from Asians to South Americans to our own local English girls, Americans etc., we have them all. Gals who speak more than one language and have varied eye colours; like green, blue, brown and black the most common one.

We want to be known as the friendliest bunch of people, who are very approachable and in this regard; we can say, we have the best receptionists too. Our chauffeurs are also people, who have been working with us, since a long time. As we are no newcomers in this escorting arena; we are here for 13 long years and here to stay. Our love to entertain men and address their sexual needs is a passion we possess and will continue to strive to give the best of this world to you – Our Customer. 

We will never let this passion and longing to die; instead do our very best, to improve upon what we are doing. Innovation and improvements are something we experiment always and try to implement in the way we function and operate. Changing with the times has always been our motto, hence you’ll find our BDSM escorts in the most fashionable clothes, which also can be altered, as per your choice.    


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